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Recent Advances in User Authentication UsingRecent Advances in User Authentication Using Keystroke Dynamics Biometrics

Keystroke Dynamics Biometrics

GCSR Volume 2

ISBN 978-618-81418-3-4 (print)  -  ISBN 978-618-81418-2-7 (e-book)

DOI 10.15579/gcsr.vol2


Edited by

Yu Zhong and Yunbin Deng


Front Matter

pages i-v, Download

Chapter 1 - A Survey on Keystroke Dynamics Biometrics: Approaches, Advances, and Evaluations

                           Yu Zhong and Yunbin Deng

                DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol2.ch1, pages 1-22, Download

Chapter 2 - Keystroke Dynamics User Authentication Using Advanced Machine Learning Methods

                           Yunbin Deng and Yu Zhong                       

                       DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol2.ch2, pages 23-40, Download

Chapter 3 - Continuous Authentication with Keystroke Dynamics

                           Patrick Bours and Soumik Mondal

                        DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol2.ch3, pages 41-58, Download

Chapter 4 - Keystroke Dynamics Advances for Mobile Devices Using Deep Neural Network

                        Yunbin Deng and Yu Zhong

                   DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol2.ch4, pages 59-70, Download

Chapter 5 - Will User Authentication Using Keystroke Dynamics  Biometrics Be Interfered by Emotions?
                        – NCTU-15 Affective Keyboard Typing Dataset for Hypothesis Testing

                           Po-Ming Lee, Liang-Yu Chen, Wei-Hsuan Tsui and Tzu-Chien Hsiao

                  DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol2.ch5, pages 71-81, Download