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Recent Trends in HandRecent Trends in Hand Gesture Recognition

Gesture Recognition

GCSR Volume 3

ISBN 978-618-81418-5-8 (print)  -  ISBN 978-618-81418-4-1 (e-book)

DOI 10.15579/gcsr.vol3


Edited by

Ankit Chaudhary


Front Matter

pages i-v, Download

Chapter 1 - Android Based Portable Hand Sign Recognition System

                           Jagdish L. Raheja, A. Singhal, Sadab and Ankit Chaudhary

                DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol3.ch1, pages 1-18, Download

Chapter 2 - Feature Extraction Technique for Static Hand Gesture Recognition

                           Haitham Badi, Sameem Abdul Kareem and Sabah Husien                      

                       DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol3.ch2, pages 19-41, Download

Chapter 3 - Hand Gesture Recognition Based on Signals Cross-Correlation

                           Anna Lekova and Mo Adda

                        DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol3.ch3, pages 43-74, Download

Chapter 4 - Compositional and Hierarchical Semantic Frameworks for Hand Gesture Recognition

                        G. Simion, C. David, C. Caleanu and V. Gui

                   DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol3.ch4, pages 75-114, Download