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Embodying Intelligence in Multimedia Data Hiding Embodying Intelligence in
Multimedia Data Hiding

GCSR Volume 5

ISBN 978-618-81418-8-9 (print)  -  ISBN 978-618-81418-9-6 (e-book)

DOI 10.15579/gcsr.vol5


Edited by

Chang Wook Ahn, Musrrat Ali and Millie Pant

Front Matter

pages i-v, Download

Chapter 1 - Data Hiding Schemes: A Survey

                           Musrrat Ali, Chang Wook Ahn and Millie Pant

                DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol5.ch1, pages 1-19, Download

Chapter 2 - Ownership and Tamper Detection of Relational Data: Framework, Techniques and Security Analysis

                           Vidhi Khanduja, Shampa Chakraverty and O.P. Verma                     

                       DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol5.ch2, pages 21-36, Download

Chapter 3 - Intelligent Watermarking Scheme Employing the Concepts of Block Based Singular Value Decomposition and Firefly

                           Musrrat Ali, Chang Wook Ahn and Millie Pant

                        DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol5.ch3, pages 37-57, Download

Chapter 4 - Hardware Implementation of Image and Video Watermarking for Ownership Verification

                        Amit Joshi, Monica Bapna, Aniruddh Malpani, Ashwini Kumar Goyal and Manisha Meena

DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol5.ch4, pages 59-82, Download

Chapter 5 - Security Verification Systems for Digital Media

                        Jianping Chen

                   DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol5.ch5, pages 83-99, Download

 Chapter 6 - Using Genetic Algorithm and Wisdom of Artificial Crowds to Find Hidden Data in DNA 

                        Marc B. Beck, Ahmed H. Desoky, Eric C. Roucka, Patrick S. McClure and Roman V. Yampolskiy

                   DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol5.ch6, pages 101-114, Download