Science Gate Publishing P.C. was founded in 2014 and is based in Thrace, the motherland of Democritus, in Greece. Our initiative to create this publishing house was to provide researchers the right tools in order to disseminate their valuable work to the public, rapidly with high quality, under the open access policies. As a fast growing publisher we try to open “a gate to science and research" and this is not only our moto but also our every day effort.

By publishing high quality peer reviewed international journals, books and edited books, by providing scientists extra benefits, apart from those given by the open access policy, we trust that our main objective has been accomplished so far.

But it is not time for complacency, research and knowledge have to be disseminated to students, scholars, even professionals worldwide consistently, with respect and validity.

The logo of Science Gate Publishing (SGP) includes the XOR digital gate in order to symbolize the scientific revolution it had caused. Science Gate Publishing (SGP) aims to play the role of a new gate to science and research and to enforce the next revolution in science and technology.