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Book Series


Book Series : Gate to Computer Science and Research (GCSR)

ISSN 2241-9055 (print)  -  ISSN 2241-9063 (online)


DOI 10.15579/gcsr



Science Gate Publishing  (SGP) publishes the book series "Gate to Computer Science and Research" in order to cover different research topics of computer science and information technology.


Science Gate Publishing  (SGP) invites respective researchers of any topic of computer science and information technology who wish to serve as guest editors, to suggest subjects for edited books.



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Volume 1 - Moments and Moment Invariants - Theory and Applications

                     Editor: George A. Papakostas

Volume 2 - Recent Advances in User Authentication Using Keystroke Dynamics Biometrics

                     Editors: Yu Zhong and Yunbin Deng

Volume 3 - Recent Trends in Hand Gesture Recognition

                     Editor: Ankit Chaudhary

Volume 4Multimedia Retrieval - Perspectives and Challenges

                     Editors: Subrahmanyam Murala and Santosh Kumar Vipparthi

Volume 5 - Embodying Intelligence in Multimedia Data Hiding

                     Editors: Chang Wook Ahn, Musrrat Ali and Millie Pant

Volume 7 - Neutrosophic Sets - Theory and Applications (under processing)

                     Editor: Pinaki Majumdar