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Moments and Moment Invariants - Theory and Applications

GCSR Volume 1

ISBN 978-618-81418-1-0 (print)  -  ISBN 978-618-81418-0-3 (e-book)

DOI 10.15579/gcsr.vol1


Edited by

George A. Papakostas



Front Matter

pages i-x, Download

Chapter 1 - Over 50 Years of Image Moments and Moment Invariants

                           George A. Papakostas

                DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol1.ch1, pages 3-32,Download

Chapter 2 - Accuracy Analysis of Moment Functions

                           Simon Liao                        

                       DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol1.ch2, pages 33-56, Download

Chapter 3 - Derivation of Moment Invariants

                           Huazhong Shu, Limin Luo and Jean Louis Coatrieux

                        DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol1.ch3, pages 57-90, Download

Chapter 4Moment Invariants for Image Symmetry Estimation and Detection

                        Miroslaw Pawlak

                   DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol1.ch4, pages 91-110, Download

Chapter 5 - Image Deconvolution in the Moment Domain

                           Barmak Honarvar Shakibaei and Jan Flusser

                  DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol1.ch5, pages 111-125, Download

Chapter 6 - Local Tchebichef Moments for Texture Analysis

                           Ramakrishnan Mukundan

                     DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol1.ch6, pages 127-142, Download

Chapter 7 - 2D and 3D Image Analysis by Gaussian-Hermite Moments

                           Bo Yang, Tomas Suk, Mo Dai and Jan Flusser

                    DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol1.ch7, pages 143-173, Download

Chapter 8 - Generic Orthogonal Moments and Applications

                        C. Camacho-Bello, C. Toxqui-Quitl and A. Padilla-Vivanco

  DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol1.ch8, pages 175-204, Download

Chapter 9Using Low-Order Auditory Zernike Moments for Robust Music Identification in the Compressed Domain

                            Wei Li, Bilei Zhu, Chuan Xiao and Yaduo Liu

         DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol1.ch9, pages 207-226, Download

Chapter 10 - Image Annotation by Moments

                              Mustapha Oujaoura, Brahim Minaoui and Mohammed Fakir

DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol1.ch10pages 227-252, Download

Chapter 11 - Should We Consider Adaptivity in Moment-based Image Watermarking ?

                              Efstratios D. Tsougenis and George A. Papakostas

DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol1.ch11, pages 253-274, Download

Chapter 12 - Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Zernike Moments for Binary and Grayscale Images

                              Muhammad Suzuri Hitam, Suraya Abu Bakar and Wan Nural Jawahir Wan Yussof

        DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol1.ch12, pages 275-288, Download