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Handbook of Fuzzy Sets ComparisonHandbook of Fuzzy Sets Comparison
Theory, Algorithms and Applications

Theory, Algorithms and Applications

GCSR Volume 6

ISBN 978-618-82628-1-2 (print)  -  ISBN 978-618-82628-2-9 (e-book)

DOI 10.15579/gcsr.vol6


Edited by

George A. Papakostas, Anestis G. Hatzimichailidis and Vassilis G. Kaburlasos

Front Matter

pages i-v, Download

Chapter 1 - On Constructing Distance and Similarity Measures based on Fuzzy Implications

                          Anestis G. Hatzimichailidis, George A. Papakostas and Vassilis G. Kaburlasos

                DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol6.ch1, pages 1-21, Download

Chapter 2 - Toward a Synergy of a Lattice Implication Algebra with Fuzzy Lattice Reasoning – A Lattice Computing Approach

                          Yi Liu, Vassilis G. Kaburlasos, Anestis G. Hatzimichailidis and Yang Xu

                       DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol6.ch2, pages 23-42, Download

Chapter 3Relationships Among Several Fuzzy Measures

                          Yingfang Li, Xingxing He and Keyun Qin

                        DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol6.ch3, pages 43-78, Download

Chapter 4 - Pattern Classification using Generalized Recurrent Exponential Fuzzy Associative Memories

                         Marcos Eduardo Valle and Aline Cristina de Souza

DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol6.ch4, pages 79-102, Download

Chapter 5 - Fuzzy Set Similarity using a Distance-Based Kernel on Fuzzy Sets

                        Jorge Guevara, Roberto Hirata Jr. and Stephane Canu

                   DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol6.ch5, pages 103-120, Download

Chapter 6 - FSSAM: A Fuzzy Rule-Based System for Financial Decision Making in Real-Time

                        Penka V. Georgieva

                   DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol6.ch6, pages 121-148, Download

Chapter 7 - Application of Fuzzy Rule Base Design Method

                         Peter Grabusts

                   DOI:  10.15579/gcsr.vol6.ch7, pages 149-168, Download